Products and Services - Miscellaneous

Products and Services - Miscellaneous

Item Tariff
Foreign Outward Collection (FOC)
Commission for RM amount
0.1% plus taxes (if any)
Minimum : RM10.00
Maximum : RM500.00
Stamp Duty
RM10.00 per item
15 cents per item
Commission on Foreign Amount 0.1% plus taxes (if any)
Minimum : RM10.00
Maximum : RM100.00
Special Encashment Facility for LTAT / TMB cheques  

Stamp Duty for cheques exceeding RM20.00

RM0.15 (from payee)
Postage and Telephone Expenses for LTAT / TMB cheques Min RM2.00 or actual expenses plus taxes (if any) incurred to be recovered from payee
Deposit of Coins  
i. Business accounts 1% of deposit or min RM10.00
ii. Individuals Free
Changing of Coins (for Account holders ONLY)  
i. Individuals Free
ii. Business accounts
For loose coins (same denomination)
RM1.00 for every RM50.00
Per bag (same denomination) RM10.00 per bag for customers
Changing of Notes Free
Safe Deposit Locker (SDL)  
i. Key Deposit RM200.00

ii. Rental

Safe Deposit Box-i

Medium: RM350.00

Large: RM400.00

iii. Loss of one or both keys (where applicable)

Replace 1 key: RM100.00 (excluding transport charges from vendor)

Forced opening of locker & replacement keys : Min of RM300.00 or actual cost, whichever is higher

iv. Administrative Charge (delay in rental payment) RM10.00
Audit Confirmation RM50.00
Outstation Cheque Deposit (OCD) Commission : Waived
Money / Postal Orders (issued by / drawn on Malaysian Postal Authorities) Free
Confirmation letter (with or without documents) for withdrawal from Employees Provident Fund (EPF) RM20.00

Endorsement on the status of company's accounts

i. Tender submission

ii. Confirmation of authorised cheque signatories for the renewal of Pusat Kontraktor license

RM20.00 for each endorsement

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