Products and Services - Domestic Payment

Products and Services - Domestic Payment

Item Tariff
Outgoing RENTAS  
  • Company
  • Individual / SME
RM9.00 per transaction
RM5.00 per transaction
Incoming RENTAS Commission : Waived
Transfers through Inter-bank GIRO Payment System RM2.00 per transaction
Banker's Cheque (BC)
(Excluding MIDF / MIH new share issue)
RM5.00 (inclusive of stamp duty)
Cheque Processing Fee RM0.50 per cheque
Refund BC and demand draft reported lost S/Charge: RM10.00
L/I : RM10.00
Request to replace stale BC (with instrument) RM10.00
Purchased of Outward Demand Draft (DD) Commission: Waived
MIDF/ MIH New Share Issue Demand Draft and Banker's Cheque RM2.00
Cancellation of BC / outward DD (with instrument) RM2.00
Local Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
Outward (RM payable at branch/bank in different clearing area
Commission: Waived
Cable charges :
Peninsular Malaysia: RM5.00
Sarawak/ Sabah: RM10.00

Standing Instruction (SI) Charges Per payment

Payment made by a charitable institution

Transfer of customer's funds from one account to another account of his within the same branch




Standing instructions for financing (Affin only) Free
Unsuccessful SI due to insufficient funds in account RM5.00

Stamping of SI Agreement

Instructions received from customers for salary credit to Account holders or pay Third Parties  
(i) Instructions received through paper listing RM4.00 per beneficiary

(ii) Instructions received through Autopay or electronic media

RM2.00 per beneficiary

Instructions received from bankers to credit Affin Bank account holders RM2.00 per transaction
Inter-branch Deposits where Home Branch and Collecting Branch in different clearing area (outstation cheque) Commission: Waived
Inter-branch Cash Deposit:

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