Products and Services - ATM

Products and Services - ATM

Item Tariff
New issuance of MyDebit Card RM10.00
Replacement of MyDebit Card due to lost/ stolen/ Loss of PIN or card damaged by customer RM10.00 or RM12.00 (BSA-i/BCA-i)
Replacement for faulty cards returned due to technical defects or recalled by the Bank for replacement Exempted
MyDebit Card Annual service fee

*Card will be "DEACTIVATED" after 9 unsuccessful tries on the 10th Day after the 1st try due to insufficient funds. For card reactivation, please visit the nearest branch.
ATM Cash Withdrawal / other transactions through MEPS Network (Non- AFFINBANK ATMs) RM1.00 per withdrawal / transaction at Local Bank ATMs including Kuwait Finance House and Al-Rajhi Bank

RM1.00 per withdrawal at Local Foreign Bank ATMs (Citibank, Standard Chartered, UOB, HSBC & OCBC) via MEPS network

Note: The above charge will be waived effective 6 April 2020 until the end of the Movement Control Order period

RM12.00 per withdrawal at Cross Border MEPS member bank (Indonesia, Singapore, China & Thailand)

*Local Foreign Bank: Citibank, Standard Chartered, UOB, HSBC & OCBC.

**Only RM1.00 service charge will be imposed on cash withdrawal involves Kuwait Finance House & Al-Rajhi Bank
MEPS Instant Transfer (IBFT) RM0.01 - RM5,000 = fee waiver
RM5,001 - RM50,000 = RM0.50 per transaction
Interbank GIRO via ATM RM0.10 per transaction
Cheque Book request via ATM RM 2.25 (Stamp duty)
RM 5.00 (postage charge)

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