Phone Scams

Phone Scams


The information furnished herein is by no means exhaustive as it is based on cases received by Affin Bank Berhad and Affin Islamic Bank Berhad.

It has recently been brought to our attention that the Bank's general line number has been used by unauthorized parties to trick unsuspecting customers into providing their personal information with intention to cheat. The phone numbers used are exactly or very similar to the Bank's contact number (e.g. 603-2055 9000, 603-5522 3000).

Based on complaints received, calls are mostly related to credit card transactions. Examples include collection of payment overdue, verification of transaction done at a location where the customer may not reside or a transaction that is not performed, uncollected credit card, etc.

We would like to advise you NOT to entertain such requests. Please be guided by the following:

  • Do not give your personal information in response to an incoming call. The Bank will never request you to reveal your personal information via a telephone call. Instead, hang up and call the Call Centre number on your account statement, Bankcard/ Credit Card or Bank's Corporate Website, to ascertain the authenticity of the entity that purportedly called you.
  • Please refer to the following link on recent scams via telephone published by Bank Negara Malaysia:
  • Please alert the Bank immediately upon receipt of such calls by
    • By phone to the Call Centre at 03-5522 3000 or Careline at 1 800 88 3883
    • By email to
    • By completing the Online Feedback Form

Transfer of money to third party account

Victims of this type of scam will be coaxed into transferring money to a third party account. The modus operandi is as follows:

  • The caller (fraudster), claiming to be a representative of a well-known establishment will contact customer on a contest or promotion which customer had purportedly won
  • The customer will be requested to go to the Bank’s nearest ATM machine to register for online banking on the pretext that the prize money will be transferred online.
  • Customer will be guided on the steps to register for online banking by the fraudster and the mobile number of the fraudster will be registered as well to receive the Transaction Authorization Code (TAC).
  • Upon completion of registration, the fraudster will notify customer as to when he/ she will receive the prize money.
  • With customer’s personal information, the fraudster will siphon funds from customer’s account.

If you have fallen victim to these calls, you may take these steps to minimize any damage:

  1. Change the passwords or PINs of all your online accounts that may have been compromised.
  2. Alert the Bank immediately via the following:
    • By phone to the Call Centre at 03-5522 3000 or Careline at 1 800 88 3883
    • By email to
    • By completing the Online Feedback Form
  3. Approach any of our Branches to close the accounts which have been fraudulently accessed immediately.
  4. Lodge a police report where applicable for further investigation to be carried-out.

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