Capital & Debt Securities

Capital & Debt Securities


Issuer : Affin Islamic Bank Berhad

Programme Description Description of Instrument Issued Date Issued
Amount Issued
Tenure Profit Rate per annum Rating by RAM Rating Services Berhad
Islamic Medium Term Notes Programme of RM5.0 billion in nominal value for the issuance of Senior Sukuk Murabahah, Tier 2 Sukuk Murabahah and/or Additional Tier 1 Capital Sukuk Wakalah ("Sukuk Programme")            
 - First Issuance Additional Tier 1 Capital Sukuk Wakalah 18.10.2018 300 Perpetual non-callable 5 years 5.65% A3
 - Second Issuance Tier 2 Sukuk Murabahah 23.10.2018 800 10 years  non-callable 5 years 5.05% A1

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