Ar Rahnu Facility-i

This facility provides a source of immediate financing to assist individuals in overcoming short term cash-flow needs.



Under Al Rahn concept, a valuable item is collateralised to a loan which may be utilized as payment should the loan is not repaid within the agreed period.


Refers to transfer of ownership rights of goods / assets benefits or service entitlements for a period of time. Under this concept, the Bank provides goods storage services to customers where rental rates apply to customers.


Qard is an interest free loan where the borrower is only required to repay the principal amount borrowed.


  • Malaysian citizens aged 18 years and above and permanent residents
  • Not bankrupt

Ar Rahnu Service Fees

Ar Rahnu Service Fees will be based as following example:

Gold Value Fee For RM100 Marhun Value / Month
Up to RM2,000 RM0.60
RM2,001 – RM5,000 RM0.70
Above RM5,000 RM0.75

The Ar Rahnu Service Fees will be calculated based on gold value and not the loan amount.

For further information, please call our Contact Centre at 03-8230 2222, or visit the nearest AFFINBANK / AFFIN ISLAMIC branch today.

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