Istisna' Term Financing-i

Istisna' Term Financing-i

Istisna’ Term Financing-i (ISTF-i) is a financing offered to small or large scale contracts or projects for the construction, manufacturing or fabrication of buildings or goods for various purposes which are yet to be constructed or under construction. The Bank offers to meet the obligation to the Customer at the Istisna’ Sale Price and appoints a contractor to construct through Customer as the agent.

Shariah Concept

ISTF-i is structured under the Shariah concept of Istisna’ which literally means “construction” or “manufacturing” contract. Through Istisna’ Term Financing-i, the Bank will finance a Customer who wishes to construct or manufacture an asset but wants to defer the payments of construction cost for a specific period by way of installment. It is done through Istisna’ bil Wakalah (construction with agency contract).


  1. Sole Proprietors
  2. Partnerships
  3. SMEs
  4. Private & Public Limited Co
  5. Government / Statutory Bodies


  1. Purchase of asset under construction or yet to be constructed
  2. Project Financing
  3. Bridging Financing
  4. Manufacturing / Contract Financing
  5. Asset Refurbishment
  6. Renovation Financing


  1. Competitive pricing rate and margin of financing
  2. Flexible Payment Period
  3. Asset Refurbishment
  4. Globally accepted Shariah concept used


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