Logo & Tagline

The new AFFIN logo is a visual statement of the Bank’s vision, values, strength, service and integrity as the Bank strives to become as a modern and progressive organisation that is embracing a new era.

The Bank’s new identity is essentially represented by the Hibiscus, Malaysia’s national flower, that symbolises courage, life, and rapid growth. The origin of the Bank’s past logos, the Hibiscus is now transformed into a modern emblem of the Bank. The stigma of the Hibiscus is visualised using 3 red dots to represent the close relationships with our customers, shareholders, and employees. The 5 petals stand for AFFIN, acronymised to describe the core values of the Bank.

The blue represents our customer centricity and loyalty to our core values and its harmonious combination with red that represents the energy and passion towards our work in bringing value to our customers, people and stakeholders.

The logo’s evolution represents the Bank’s organisational metamorphosis to emerge as a modern financial institution of the future, embracing creativity and technology in the ever-changing business environment.

"Always About You"

At AFFIN, we strive to always connect and engage with our customers, to understand their changing needs and aspirations better. It represents our passion and commitment to the community we operate in, enabling us to quickly respond to changes and provide a personalised experience.

At AFFIN, our people are aligned to our values of customer centricity, creativity and value creation. Our tagline “Always about you”, was crafted to drive loyalty and build our reputation as a creative and innovative financial organisation.

Our people are at the heart of what we do and remain the focus of our customer centric culture. It’s about the initiatives we take in understanding and prioritising our stakeholders; our customers, employees and shareholders. As we venture through this metamorphosis journey, we are aware of their ever-changing needs and are embracing the new ways of this digital dimension. We put our hearts and minds into everything we do, to ensure that everyone we touch, receives unrivalled customer service.

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